About us PSB University

Preah Sihamoniraja Buddhist University was found by His Holiness Samdech Preah Aphisiri Sughuandha Mahasangharaja Dhipati Kitti Undess Bandita BOUR KRY, the Great Supreme Patriarch of dhammayttikanikaya of Kingdom of Cambodia, and the President of Supreme Council of Dhammayuttikanikaya of Kingdom of Cambodia, and the university was likely named by Samdech Preash Boromineat, Preash Bat NORODOM SIHAMONI, the king of Kingdom of Cambodia.

The functions, duties, and structure of PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY shall be determined by Prakas of the Cult and Religion through the general inspectorate of National Buddhist Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY currently offers associate, bachelor, and master degree academic programs, the curriculum of which must be approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY Comprise Four Buddhist faculties as follows.

 – Buddhist Faculty of Philosophy, Religion, and Law

– Buddhist Faculty of Pali-Sanskrit and Foreign Languages

 – Buddhist Faculty of Education Science and Literature

 – Buddhist Faculty of Information Technology

PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY may in the future have new specialized Buddhist faculties, branches, or include an additional degree or other types of training by applying for approval from the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sport. Buddhist students, Students who have completed the courses of studies at PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY and successfully passed the graduation examination will obtain a degree according to the level and field studied. The degree is offered by PREAH SIHAMONIRAJA BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY, general Inspectorate of National Buddhist Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sport Provided that the University has satisfied and complied with the principles and standards adopted by the Ministry of Education Youth, Sport.